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Laparoscopic Insemination (LAI) Set for Sheep

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The Endoscopic set for sheep LAI includes a 0-degree angle of view, a 7mm (0.28") or 5mm (0.19") diameter, and a 330mm (13") / 300mm (11.8") working length endoscope and trocars. The larger diameter (7mm) scope creates more light transmission to illuminate the inspection area compared to smaller 5mm endoscopes.

The trocars and cannulas sets are stainless steel and come with two sharp trocars and a cannula with a port for CO2 gas or fluid irrigation. We also include extra rubber caps. You need to get 2 of these sets, one for the scope to penetrate the abdominal wall and the other for the catheter or pipette with the semen. You can also use the second cannula for rigid forceps to perform standard Laparoscopic procedures.

For the light source, there are two options; a fixed plug-in MS-LED light source that provides a constant stream of bright white illumination with brightness control settings and an LED bulb that lasts over 50,000 hours. Or we have a portable battery-powered LED light handle.

A plug-and-play Full HD USB endoscope camera with a focusable coupler is also available.

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Sheep Laparoscopic Insemination (LAI) Set

Laparoscopic Insemination (LAI) Set for Sheep