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Multi-Purpose Set for Small Animal Veterinary Endoscopy

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The Multi-purpose endoscopic Vet-Set (or Veterinary set) features an Oto-Endoscope that is excellent for a wide range of diagnostic inspections and procedures, including Otoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Arthroscopy, etc. Laparoscopy, and some Cystoscopy, in small animals and exotics.
The set contains a medical-grade rigid endoscope with a 2.7mm diameter, a 105mm working length, and a 0-degree direction of view endoscope. Three specially designed interchangeable sheaths for various diagnostic and operational applications.

The three interchangeable sheaths consist of:

OTOSCOPIC/VAGINAL SHEATH has a conical body, a 5.5mm tip diameter, a 2mm working channel for flexible forceps, or a catheter for insemination or irrigation and suctioning of the ear canal.

DIAGNOSTIC SHEATH has a 3.5mm tip diameter and one rotatable stopcock to irrigate or aspirate the inspection area or the scope's tip. This sheath is specially designed for Rhinoscopy and Arthroscopy in small animals.

OPERATIONAL SHEATH is designed for more invasive procedures with a 14Fr insertion tube, a 2mm working channel for Flexible Forceps or a Catheter, and two stopcocks for simultaneous suction and irrigation. Applications include Otosurgeries, Transcervical Insemination, Cystoscopy, Rhinoscopy, and Anoscopy.



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Universal Oto-endoscope Set for Small Animals

Multi-Purpose Set for Small Animal Veterinary Endoscopy