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Universal Sewer Camera Skids

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Mini Roller Skid for 4" to 6" Pipelines.

This is an excellent addition to the smaller drain cameras with a camera head diameter below 1.56". Suitable for use in 4" to 6" pipelines. The Mini Roller Skid centers the camera head in a pipe, reduces wear & tear, and helps to increase the lifetime of your inspection system.  


TrapMaster Sewer Camera Roller Skid

Sewer camera skid TrapMaster™ keeps your camera centered and protected from wear and tear. It allows 1"-1.23" diameter heads easily negotiate 4” P-traps.


Universal Roller Skid for 6" to 18" Lines

Dynamically adjusts to required pipeline diameter — no extra parts, tools, or manual adjustments required. For use with push camera systems in 6" -18" pipelines. Lightweight, durable, easy to attach skid built from corrosion-resistant composite nylon. Negotiates 6" x 45° elbows and 8" x 90° bends. Six 2" wheels help guide the camera through the pipeline and keep the camera head centered. Optional 3" wheel kit and LED light kit available, so you can use it in larger diameter pipes. In addition, three optional waterproof auxiliary flashlights provide extra lighting with 6,000 candlepower.


Sewer Camera to Pole Adaptor POLECAT

Turn your pipe inspection system into a pole camera for inspection and surveying manholes, culverts, attics, gutters, tanks, etc.


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Sewer Camera Skid

Universal Sewer Camera Skids