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Universal Sewer Camera Skids

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Universal Skids for Pipe Cameras:

Mini Roller Skid for 4" to 6" Pipelines.
This is an excellent addition to the smaller drain cameras with a camera head diameter below 1.56". Designed for use in 4" to 6" pipelines. The Mini Roller Skid centers the camera head in a pipe, reduces wear & tear, aids in keeping the camera lens clean, and helps to increase the lifetime of your inspection system.


  • Compatible with most push cameras up to 1.5" in diameter.
  • Manuevers 4” x 90° bends.
  • Eight 1" wheels assist the camera through the pipeline elbows.
  • Designed for easy maintenance, easy to clean.
  • Super tough composite — lightweight & long-lasting

TrapMaster Sewer Camera Roller Skid
Drain camera skid TrapMaster™ keeps your pipe camera head centered inside 4" to 6" pipes and protects from wear and tear. TrapMaster is specifically designed to aid the camera head in maneuvering 4" traps with the help of eight mounted wheels. It is manufactured out of composite nylon and is compatible with any 1" to 1.23" push camera heads.


  • Front section mounts at the camera head.
  • Each section has four wheels and four rocking SeamLeaper™ wings
  • to help guide the camera through the pipeline.
  • Compatible with any push camera up to 1.23" (31mm) in diameter.
  • Helps negotiate traps and bends in 4" and 6" (10omm to 152mm) pipelines.

Universal Roller Skid for 6" to 18" Lines
Dynamically adjustable to required pipeline diameter — no extra parts, tools, or manual adjustments required. For use with push camera heads up to 1.9" in diameter in 6"-18" pipelines. Lightweight, durable, easy-to-attach skid built from corrosion-resistant composite nylon. Negotiates 6" x 45° elbows and 8" x 90° bends. Six 2" wheels help guide the camera through the pipeline and keep the camera head centered. An optional 3" wheel kit is available for larger-diameter pipes. In addition, an optional waterproof auxiliary flashlight kit for extra lighting is available.


  • For 6" to 18" (152 mm to 457mm) pipelines.
  • Negotiates 6" (152mm) 45° elbows.
  • Maneuvers 8" (203mm) 90° bends.
  • For camera heads up to 1.9"
  • Holds camera centered.
  • Improves depth range.
  • Increases camera lifetime.

Sewer Camera to Pole Adaptor POLECAT
Turn your pipe inspection system into a pole camera for inspecting and surveying manholes, culverts, attics, gutters, and tanks. The POLECAT is manufactured out of durable plastics and is designed to be threaded on any painter's pole purchased at the hardware store. Simply secure the camera head to the POLECAT with velcro straps, mount it on a pole, and bend to the needed angle to convert your sewer inspection system into a handy pole-mounted camera.


  • Compatible with any standard Push Camera.
  • Adjustable joint provides up to 260-degree swivel & lock capability.
  • Uses standard ¾" -5 ACME thread telescopic extension poles.
  • Lightweight, durable plastic nylon construction for long life
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Sewer Camera Skid

Universal Sewer Camera Skids