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Veterinary Otoscope with Integrated Working Channel

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Veterinary Otoscope with an Integrated Channel is a special otoendoscope with a permanent working channel for conducting examinations, flushing, and foreign body retrieval in small animals. The working channel has a diameter of 5fr(1.67mm) and can be split into two with three-way stopcocks, permitting the use of biopsy forceps (or a small catheter) along with suction and irrigation. The otoscope has a viewing angle of 50 degrees and comes in a length of 85mm(3.35'') and a diameter of 5.5mm(0.216"). The waterproof design allows the otoscope system to be easily sterilized in disinfecting fluids. Equipped with rod lens technology, our otoendoscope delivers exceptionally high-quality imagery, which is especially valuable in endoscopy. Different light sources are compatible with the veterinary otoscope light post: STORZ, WOLF, and ACMI-type connections. The 32mm endoscope eyepiece makes it compatible with our ImagePRO or Look-See Endoscopy Cameras that capture footage for later examination or reevaluation of the healing progress. Our Veterinary Otoscope with a Working Channel can be utilized in different endoscopy procedures, including Cystoscopy, Rhinoscopy, and regular Otoscopy. Learn more at our catalog. 


  • Optical system: Rod lens optics
  • Direction of view: 0 degree
  • Field of view: 50 degrees
  • Depth of view: 5mm - infinity (3/16" - infinity)
  • Insertion tube diameter: 5.5mm (0.22") at the optical end
  • Working length - 85mm (3.35")
  • Waterproof - Soakable in alcohol-based sterilizing solutions
  • Operating temperature - 10 degrees C - 80 degrees C (50F - 176F)
  • Compatible with STORZ, WOLF, and ACMI light sources. 

What's included:

Veterinary Otoscope with permanent working channel, 2-way channel bridge. Light post adaptors, (optional) biopsy forceps, (optional) Spark XTR Light Source

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Veterinary Otoscope with Integrated Channel

Veterinary Otoscope with Integrated Working Channel