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The ANACONDA HD Sewer Camera is one of the most affordable Pan-and-Tilt pipe inspection systems on the market today. It can be equipped with either dual-view, or pan-and-tilt camera heads. These camera heads are waterproof and well-suited for inspecting sewers, drains, ducts, manholes, culverts, wells, and tanks. This is going to give you high-definition image quality at a reasonable price.

The Dual View head has built-in front and rotatable side cameras. The Pan-and-Tilt head will pan side to side at least 80-degrees in each direction, to better view the side walls or around corners, and you can also spin the camera head in a full 360-degree circle enabling you to fully survey the entire surface of the inspection area. The HD color sensor is protected by a durable, scratch-proof, sapphire lens and aluminum and stainless steel construction. White LEDs are great for illuminating large-diameter areas and providing consistent light dispersion over the entire surface, and there is a built-in 512Hz sonde to locate the camera head underground. The camera heads are also interchangeable, which is great for areas that may require spare parts or backup units due to damage or contamination.

The system can be ordered with either flexible dropdown cable or fiberglass push cable coiled onto a standalone reel, with a built-in digital footage counter, controls, and a locking mechanism.

The control box is weatherproof and has a protective sunshield over an 8.0" color HD IPS LSD monitor. Pre-installed options include video and image capture directly to a USB memory stick, a WiFi keyboard to add text to files, a microphone, and a rechargeable battery for portable use. Switching between the camera signals is controlled via a simple dial, and the image can be switched during live video recording as well.

Camera Heads

Dual-View Camera Head:

  • Camera Head Diameter: 45mm (1.77")
  • Camera Head Length: 107mm (4.2")
  • Dual Camera Heads: Straight View, and Permanent 90° Side View
  • Pan: 360° Endless
  • Field of View: 90°
  • Camera head Housing: Aluminum/Stainless steel
  • Illumination: 6 Superbright LEDs (Straight) and 6 White LEDs (Side)
  • The brightness of the LEDs: Adjustable
  • Remote Transmitter (512 Hz Sonde)
  • Waterproof, IP68
  • For Pipes from 3" to 18"

Pan and Tilt Camera Head:

  • Camera Head Diameter: 50mm (2")
  • Camera Head Length: 154mm (6")
  • Rotation: Pan: 360°, Tilt: 160°
  • Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS HD, 1.3Mp
  • Camera head Housing: Stainless steel
  • Illumination: White LEDs
  • Brightness of the LEDs: Adjustable
  • 512Hz Built-in sonde
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • For Pipe from 3" to 20"


Mid Reel:

  • Working Length up to 197 ft.

  • Compatible with Both ANACONDA Cameras

  • Built-in Meter/Footage Counter

  • Fiberglass push cable, Ø 7mm

  • Waterproof, IP68

Large Reel:

  • Working Length up to 394 ft.

  • Compatible with Both ANACONDA's Cameras

  • Built-in Footage Counter

  • Fiberglass push cable, Ø 11mm

  • Waterproof, IP68

Downhole Reel:

  • Working Length up to 360 ft.

  • Compatible with Both ANACONDA Cameras

  • Built-in Footage Counter

  • Reinforced Flexible Cable, Ø 6.5mm

  • Waterproof, IP68

For more information about the system, go to the product page at our online catalog.

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Pipe Camera Anaconda HD with Pan-Tilt Camera Head


$6,219 $6,900