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The C40 Eco+ Joystick All-Way Articulating Borescope is an automotive inspection camera designed to conduct inspections in otherwise inaccessible areas. It is the most affordable video borescope in our product line, combining powerful functions found in more expensive models with performance into one compact handheld tool.

The 6mm diameter insertion probe enables you to enter and inspect bores and crevices in motors, tanks, lines, and other tight spaces from 7.5 mm(0.3") to 800mm(3"). With a total length of 1M(3.2ft), the C40 Eco+ Snake Camera is perfect for automotive inspections as well as inspecting industrial equipment, factory machinery, small tank inspections, and farm equipment. 

Step up to a higher level - the C40 Eco+ All-Way Articulating Borescope integrates high-end features and software functions that set it apart from consumer-type borescope cameras. This joystick all-way articulating borescope camera uses tungsten-covered flexible probes and is virtually not comparable with entry-level borescopes. 

Reach the unseen - with all-way joystick articulation, the C40 Eco+ enables you to see around tight corners and reach inaccessible spots like in valve inspections. The all-way tip movement makes it possible, while entry-level cameras are not able to do that. 

Full viewing control - the joystick finger lever gives you full control of the insertion tip to turn and tilt around tight corners. With the finger control, the tip can be easily turned toward the desired direction to get an even clearer and better picture of what is happening. 

Ergonomic and Portable - the Joystick All Way Articulating Borescope C40 Eco+ utilizes a compact structure and an easy-to-use pistol grip design which makes it easy to operate the borescope with one hand. On top of that, the pistol button located under the index finger makes it extremely comfortable to capture images and videos. 

This borescope stands out among other cost-effective and affordable borescopes with its powerful functions and features that are found in more expensive borescope cameras. Clear images of the inspecting area are captured and displayed on the 3.5" display monitor. The inspection area is lighted with adjustable LEDs that are fused into the tip of the borescope probe. The images and videos are recorded on the micro SD card for easy file transfer or sending to the customer. For an even more accurate assessment, a separate display can connected to the borescope via a micro HDMI output. 

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  • Monitor Display: 3.5"
  • Display Resolution: 640x480 pixel
  • Digital Zoom: real-time 4x and playback 8x
  • Illumination: 7 stage LEDs
  • Output port: micro HDMI
  • Probe Diameter: 6mm(0.23)
  • Probe Length: 1M(3.2ft)
  • Field of View: 85°
  • Tip Movement: 4-way 360 degrees
  • Waterproof level: IP67
  • System operating time: up to 3hrs

Unique application? Get in touch with us to customize an all-way joystick articulating borescope for your specific application. 

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Joystick All Way Articulating Borescope C40 Eco+

Joystick All Way Articulating Borescope C40 Eco+