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USB Borescope for Endoscope Reprocessing

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Micro Video Borescope for Efficient Endoscope Reprocessing to asses abnormalities within the channel lumen (moisture, soil/debris, blood, or simethicone) or those involving the channel wall (scratches, peels, discoloration, perforations).
The outer diameter of the USB micro borescope probe is either 1.95mm, 1.18mm, or 1.0mm. The standard length is 2 meters (6.5 feet), though custom lengths can easily be manufactured on request. The color CMOS video camera features 160,000 pixel chip that captures footage in 400x400 resolution. The imaging HUB contains an integrated LED light source and a built-in video processor with a USB connection to connect to a computer easily. There's also an HDMI OUT if you need to stream the inspection process directly to a TV screen. The Micron USB micro borescope probe can also be soaked in a sterilizing solution or gas-sterilized to ensure continued safe use.

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  • USB 3.0 Interface Between Camera Control Unit and a Computer
  • HDMI Out to Connect to a Tablet or a Monitor
  • 30 fps Frame Rate
  • Built-in LED Light Source
  • Configuration with a Microsoft Tablet is Available
  • Control Box Width: 50.8mm (2.0in)
  • Overall Length: 177.8mm (7.0 in)
  • Outer Diameter from 1.00mm (0.0394")
  • Working Length up to 3.0m (9.84 ft.)
  • CIS CMOS Sensor with 160,000 Pixel Resolution
  • ETFE Coated Flexible Insertion Tube
  • 3mm – 50mm (0.12" – 2") Focal Range
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USB Micro Endoscope for Reprocessing

USB Borescope for Endoscope Reprocessing